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“This wonderful salve works faster and more thoroughly than anything else I had tried. I was so relieved to be free from pain that was keeping me awake at night. I highly recommend this product to anyone that is suffering from an injury, I found that it helped my injury heal faster as well. I am super grateful that this came to me in a time of great need.”
“At 51, and being diagnosed with a severe case of Rheumatoid Arthritis in most of my main joints, I am beyond thrilled that your luxurious Jasmine Vanilla lotion has enabled me to receive the first full nights rest in four months! Pain and swelling keep me up most nights, and I’ve tried eight different Rx regimens over the years, nothing seems to work! Thank you for the number one thing I need…REST!”
“This amazing smelling salve has been a total life saver for me! It helped with the pain and swelling of a sprained ankle, it helps with irritating bug bites, headaches, and even minor skin rashes. It's so light and soothing in so many ways – I use it almost every day! I'm so happy this product came into my life, thanks Humble Flower!”
“I began using the Humble Flower brand unscented cannabis lotion a little over a year ago and it genuinely changed my life. The lotion has given me more pain relief than high doses of intravenous dilauded and Fentanyl with ZERO horrible side effects. I apply the lotion and within minutes’ experience more than 70% pain relief in most instances. I am 27 and very active in my career and social life, spending long days on film sets and travelling. This product has literally given my life back. Since I have been using the lotion my lab results have improved and my chronic connective tissue inflammation has disappeared. I am no longer spending weeks at a time in intensive care and spend more of my life doing the things that I love. I firmly believe that I owe this completely to Humble Flower. I’ve converted several family members and numerous friends and colleagues into HF “addicts” as well.”
“Just a few days ago I got to try out one of Humble Flower products. Their pain relief salve is great and is working miracles. I recently had nerve damage on my index finger and have been applying this regularly and it is helping with the pain and helping me regain the feeling and sensation back in no time!! It's also great in relieving sunburns. I would recommend it to anyone!”
"Recently, I was excited to take my grandson to the San Francisco Zoo for his second birthday. I missed this event because I was in pain. My hands are crippled with swollen joints and I can no longer sleep on my back as my legs won't go flat. I put on your lotion and went to bed. I woke up and my hands were functional and I had reasonable dexterity with very little if any pain! Not only did I sleep most of the night (has not happened in five or six years) with no pain in those areas but for the first time in years, I woke up and I could stretch my legs out flat. I've now had some moments of peace; some moments of "normalcy" and functionality that I have been hoping for. For that, and for whatever time I have with such improvement in the quality of my life, I thank you!"
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