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EFI technology ensures peak engine efficiency resulting in up to 25% savings on fuel. EFI allows optimal performance at all temperatures and altitudes, plus the carburetor-free design eliminates bad fuel issues and gum-ups. EFI also reduces dangerous carbon monoxide emissions by up to 90%, making portable generators even more safe and environmentally friendly.

You’ll appreciate the electric start and included battery, plus Cold Start Technology ensures a quick start in cold weather. The Intelligauge with Power Meter includes an EFI fault indicator and monitors voltage, frequency and operating hours, while the foldaway U-shaped handle and never flat tires make transport a cinch.


At 11,500 starting watts and 9200 running watts, this unit features Volt Guard™ built-in surge protector and included engine oil.


Fill up the 7.7-gallon tank of gasoline and enjoy up to 11.5 hours of power at 50% load. From 23 feet, the noise level is 74 dBA, a bit louder than a vacuum cleaner.

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